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Frequently Asked Questions

If reading & researching is your thing, we hope this makes finding an answer easy!

Be Kept Wh-aaat?

"Be Kept Up" represents the culmination of both business sector experience and personal life lessons. It's not just a brand; it's a foundational principle that serves as a constant reminder to live life to the fullest. Our motto is simple: "Keep up, and you will BE KEPT UP."

The essence of our philosophy revolves around the combination of hard work, integrity, and resilience. While this may sound straightforward, we understand that putting this formula into practice can be challenging. At Be Kept Up, our primary goal is to maintain, grow, and stand tall. We firmly believe that the pillars of hard work, integrity, and resilience are the bedrock upon which any successful endeavor is built.

To elaborate further, we are a specialized boutique digital marketing agency that can assist you in reaching new heights.

I'm an Advertiser, why should I utilize your network?

We provide complete transparency on the sources and placements of your ads before they go live, as well as post-launch by passing all relevant data points back to you. This ensures you have full visibility and control over your campaigns.

Diverse Traffic Management: With extensive experience in managing and recruiting various traffic sources, including content/review sites, media buyers, emailers, video creators, loyalty programs, fintech companies, mobile apps, pay per call affiliates, programmatic, display, and more, we can tailor your campaigns to reach your target audience effectively.

Active Collaboration: We actively converse and collaborate with advertisers to ensure that your campaigns operate efficiently and that your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met. We stay up-to-date with software updates like iOS 14.5 and adapt to changes such as the removal of device ID.

Source Optimization: Our commitment to consistent source optimization and a focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) as a key KPI means your ad budget is maximized for the best possible results.

Global Reach: Access our global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action important for your brand's growth. We provide you with control by ensuring you only pay for the specific actions you define, optimizing your advertising spend.

Dedicated Compliance: Your brand's integrity is of utmost importance to us. Our processes include vetting affiliates, preventing fraud, and continuous traffic surveillance around the clock, ensuring that your brand is protected and your campaigns maintain compliance.By utilizing our network, you'll benefit from transparency, diverse traffic management expertise, active collaboration, adaptability, source optimization, global reach, and dedicated compliance measures, all of which contribute to the success and integrity of your advertising campaigns.

I'm a Publisher, why should I utilize your network?

Flexible Payment Terms:
We offer Net 45 payments to start, giving you faster access to your earnings compared to many other networks, and we later transition to Net 30 for your convenience.

Extensive Industry Experience: With over 17 years in the industry, we have established relationships with top brands. By joining our network, you gain access to these brands directly.

High Payouts: We offer competitive payouts, and we can work to secure even higher payouts on your behalf in exchange for featured placements or increased traffic volume.

Referral Program: Take advantage of our referral program, which offers 2.5% on referred publisher earnings for a whole year, providing you with an additional income stream.

Diverse Campaigns: We keep our campaigns diverse, allowing you to specialize in promoting products and services in the verticals that matter most to you. You can earn money through various revenue-generating offerings, including CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, and PPC.

Performance-Based Rewards:
As one of our best affiliates, you can earn additional rewards through our performance-based incentive program, recognizing your exceptional performance.

Personalized Support: Your Account Manager (AM) serves as your personal consultant. They can assist you in selecting the right campaigns and help you develop effective promotional strategies.

Curated Offers: We have dozens of curated, top-performing offers across a wide range of affiliate verticals, including Finance, Mobile Gaming, Health & Beauty, Entertainment & Lifestyle, E-Commerce, Subscription, Mobile Apps, Downloads & Software, and more. This diversity ensures you have a wealth of options to choose from.By utilizing our network, you'll benefit from our experience, extensive network of brands, and the support and rewards we offer to our publishers, making it a smart choice for your publishing needs.

Do you offer a referral program?

YES! We believe in reciprocating you for paying it forward & believing in our offerings.

We can offer on a Net 60 Payment Basis:

2.5% on Network publisher earnings for 1 year
2.5% on Partnership services for 1 year
5% for life of the customer on Sales, or Advertiser Agency services

I'm confused by your Agency Services. Which one best fits me?

While we try to limit any room for ambiguity, & we recognize many times, less, is more. You can think of our Agency Services very simply:

1. Advertiser Agency - We assist Advertisers looking to bolster their Affiliate Marketing Program. We are hands on, scrappy, dedicated, and transparent with the goal of empowering an Advertiser without them having to waste time, energy, and money hiring a dedicated team. Simply put, we're ready to get started ASAP. We custom tailer & engage in Affiliate Program Management, Optimization of Campaigns, Payback, Campaign Structure, Strategy, Affiliate Recruitment, Creative & Partner Compliance, Media Buying, & much more.

We typically operate on a monthly retainer, plus a fee on Affiliate spend generated.

2. Partnerships Agency - Looking for introductions to other brands? Maybe it's for a strategic partnership or integration, or perhaps you are simply seeking more Affiliate Programs to send traffic to, thus increasing overall revenues. Let's face it, relationships = time & when hard pressed for time, a warm introduction can help you BE KEPT UP. We can introduce you warmly to other parties from our arsenal of a network acquired over the past 17+ years in the industry, custom tailored to your immediate needs.

We typically operate on a percentage fee based on Affiliate spend generated from our successful referrals.

3. Sales Agency - This option applies mostly to Affiliates who are generating traffic. Think of us as an extension of your sales team. We align on a revenue target as our goal, & close deals on your companies behalf. We manage budgets, proposals, back and forth communications with advertisers, route IO's to your team, pitch on your behalf, etc.

In the time & day where companies have to be more careful than ever of finances, the economy, and make sure whomever is aligned has hands on, practical & tangible results, we know our worth, and ultimately the IMMEDIATE value we can bring to your company.

We typically operate on a monthly retainer, plus a fee on Affiliate spend generated.

This FAQ was great! However I still have questions. How can we talk it through?

You are WELCOME to book a call here to chat things through - https://meetings.hubspot.com/joshua-kopac