About The Founder

Joshua embarked on his digital marketing career at the age of 14 while simultaneously attending high school full-time. His journey began as an exploratory endeavor, characterized by extensive trend research and the ambition to generate income without resorting to traditional part-time jobs such as bagging groceries or collecting shopping carts. While he deeply respected the value of such humbling work, it wasn't what fueled Joshua's passion.

In 2007, Joshua initiated his first project, "Ripped Wallet," a Get Paid To (GPT) platform where members could earn money by completing tasks sponsored by advertisers seeking to expand their respective brands through increased membership and subscribers. As Ripped Wallet gained traction and experienced some level of success, Joshua harbored a strong desire to eliminate intermediaries between Ripped Wallet and the advertisers. Consequently, Ripped Wallet was eventually sold.

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"Be Kept Up" represents the culmination of both business sector experience and personal life lessons. It's not just a brand; it's a foundational principle that serves as a constant reminder to live life to the fullest. Our motto is simple: "Keep up, and you will BE KEPT UP."

The essence of our philosophy revolves around the combination of hard work, integrity, and resilience. While this may sound straightforward, we understand that putting this formula into practice can be challenging. At BE KEPT UP, our primary goal is to maintain, grow, and stand tall. We firmly believe that the pillars of hard work, integrity, and resilience are the bedrock upon which any successful endeavor is built.

In 2013 while meditating on a yoga mat, the words BE KEPT UP came to Joshua Kopac for the name of a business. Yet, to fully formulate what that company would offer the world, Joshua set out to learn as much as he could on top of the experience in the industry since 2007. It is now in 2023, where excitement prevails upon this launch, a culmination of a recipe for success which will be also given to our partners.

To elaborate further, we are a specialized boutique digital marketing agency that can assist you in reaching new heights.

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