Your Mobile Phone is Spying On You!

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What if your Laptop, TV, & Mobile Phone were are actively listening to you?

What if they all communicated with each other, wherever you physically reside, whether the bar, Starbucks, your gym, or even your house?

What if you had a profile built up in multiple databases without you being aware until now?

What if this profile knew your next move, before you even consciously thought of it?

Well folks, this seems to be the case courtesy of an Advertising firm called Silver Push & their product “Unique Audio Beacon“. When you look through their webpage, there are a few blurbs of text which really stand out.

This firm puts cookies on laptops that make them EMIT AN INAUDIBLE ULTRASONIC NOISE that *phone* apps listen for.


Essentially saying, our cookies which track your online habits and are actively increasing in quantity the more you browse the internet, are emitting a frequency you CAN’T hear, through your speakers, which your phone is listening for and recognizes.

TV ads ALSO emit these ultrasonic noises, telling your smartphone the exact ads you saw on TV.


When you’re in front of your TV, with a bowl of popcorn, your dog by your side and drinking a Coca Cola (haven’t had one in years) thinking you’re in your house with ample privacy, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s one more party in the room, and they’re tracking your habits! Talk about stealthy, operating on a frequency which you cannot even hear. Tracking your habits, knowing which demographic market you fit into, which programming you watch, and constantly forming a profile on your actions. Or inaction’s if you are in front of the TV on the couch……

Millions of mobile devices with SilverPush powered SDK are constantly listening to SilverPush patented audio beacons (ultrasonic) which are watermarked in Television ad commercial. A pair is made once a SDK comes in proximity of audio beacon. The individual ID is mapped back to its audience genome and a brand-consumer journey has been started.


Millions of devices are using this technology, with little mention of these methods, or who or even what apps are using these programmatic smart advertising methods. Their twitter (Silver Push) shows 680 MILLION unique users are mapped out, and 1.2 BILLION devices. Not too shabby for a company who’s only been around for 3 years time.

Operating on a ultrasonic frequency perhaps may even violate FCC rules and cause interference with everyday electronics in your home or office. Here is a report stating that frequencies in the 20–470 MHz range may cause unexpected trouble.

While I highly respect the minds of the individuals and the ingenuity of this invention, to me, it raises concerns about privacy. Which nonetheless a simple checkbox or “I agree” when downloading an application for your smart phone may take care of this concern. How many of you have read through your Apple Iphones new IOS 9.1 update policy? All 418 pages of this software license agreement. There must be a clause by Apple’s lawyers in one of these pages protecting them from any liability….

Next time you wonder how you mention out loud let’s say washing a car, then to have ads pop up on your computer or mobile device before even typing something in, be aware that this may just be one method used to take advantage of your everyday habits. One of the most powerful and effective marketing tools for the start of the 21st century is definitely your cell phone. Yep that ‘trust worthy’ device, which almost no one leaves their house without. That device which GPS tracks you actively and learns more about you than your best friend.

If the microphone is already on listening for sounds not heard by the human ear, it’s only fathomable to be listening in on it ALL.

In good faith,

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